Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Days

It has been raining here in Las Vegas for the past 4 days. The clouds engulfed the mountains all around the valley and we even had fog. Finally the sun is shining again. We are just not used to all that rain.

We are now hanging around the house just enjoying the little spots of sun shining though the windows and helping mom clean house. We all helped out with the bed making after mom washed the bedding. That is always fun! **hehe**

It was a sad and then happy week here. We were trying to adopt another Siamese named Frankie. He was an abandoned kitty living behind a hotel that has been shut down about 50 miles from here. His Mommy and caregiver captured him and took him to the vets on Monday for a Feline Leukemia test and his shots. On Tuesday we received the sad news that Frankie tested positive for Feline Leukemia. That meant that we were not going to be able to adopt him.

His Mommy said that she was going to keep him inside until she could find him a forever home. On Thursday he wrote in his diary on Catster that his Mommy had found him a temporary home for the next 4 months. That was really good news as we felt so bad for not being able to give Frankie the forever home that he deserves.

We are still helping his Mommy to try and find him a forever home that is right for him. We are purring very hard that he will find his special home soon. His Mommy says that he has had a rough life being abandoned and now having feline leukemia. He really deserves a home where he can receive lots and lots of lovings.

Please pray for Frankie to find his forever home.

Love and Purrs,
4 Meezers and a Calico that thinks she is

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