Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet Maui

Mom and Dad went to PetsMart to get litter, treats, etc. for my brothers and sisters. While standing in line to checkout Mom and Dad glanced over and saw me in a cage. The rest is history (adoption). Dad said Mom is banned from going to PetsMart. **hehe**

The rescue that had me said I came from an apartment that had 28 cats. I am very afraid of people. Mom and Dad are patiently working at gaining my trust. I am to the point where Mom and Dad can pet me while I am on the floor (sometimes) and every once in a while Mom can pick me up and hold me for a short time. I even purr for them when they pet me.

Must go so my typist can work on my sisters entries. Meow at ya soon.

Love and Purrs,

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