Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Mea

It has been one year today, since I made my journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I know my Mom and Dad miss me very much and I really miss them, but it is so nice here at the Bridge. Mom and Dad understand that I am no longer in pain and that makes them happy. Every once in a while I see them looking at one of my pictures and it will bring a smile to their face and a tear to their eye all at the same time.

I have met so many angel furiends like SooLing, Scooter, and Lola; Calvin; Buddy, McKenna, Angel, Mookie, and Ricki; Zack and Riley; Ava; Sally; Biscuit; Micah and Jake; Sir Sonny Bono; Marley the Paw; Minxy; Patrick; Wyatt James, Aragorn, Toby Aragorn, and Sam I Am; Pickles; Ashley Grimalkins; Willow; Peaches; Baby Cat, Little Cat, Mittens, Friskie, and Morris; and so many others. I feel like a kitten again and every day I run in the fields chasing butterflies and playing with all my angel pals.

There is so much for us to do here: shopping at the Heavenly Mall, going with furiends for Ice Cream Sundaes in the Town Square, meeting new angels at the gate and helping them learn to fly, showing them how to sneak down and sprinkle angel dust on their families, sprinkling angel dust sprinkling on our families and our sick furiends, purring for all of our sick furiends, Cloud 9 Day, and so much more. We are all like happy, healthy, playful kittens again so we have the energy to do so many things.

I want Mom and Dad to know that I miss them and my fursiblings very much. I do sneak down to watch over them and my fursiblings as often as I can. Mimu and Maui are so cute. Each of them reminds me of me in different ways. Mimu loves to talk like me and Maui loves to play fetch with little paper balls like I used to.

Mom and Dad - I love you very much! I just want you to know that I am happy here at the Bridge and I will be watching over you and our family until the day you are able to join me here. Until then, remember all the happy times we had together and smile when you think of me.

Loving Purrs,

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