Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet Milo

My Mom and Dad came to PetsMart to get litter for my brother and sisters (Miko, Mea, and Mikki). Dad went by the adoption center with Mom following. Mom spotted me and wanted to adopt me immediately. Mom and Dad talked it over and decided that they had room for one more kitty in the family. I went home with them then but was quarintined from the rest of the family for 21 days. I was very sick with a kitty cold and the vet said I could give it to my new brother and sisters so I had to take medicine and rest for the first three weeks of living with my new family.

While I was sick I stayed in the two upstairs bedrooms and either Mom or Dad always spent the night with me to make sure I was not alone and to have some bonding time. During this time, they were working on a name for me. Dad wanted my name to be Mellow because I was so calm. Little did he know that was just because I didn't feel good. Mom said that name reminded her of Mellow Yellow so they finally decided on Milo.

Once I felt better I was allowed to come out of the bedrooms and meet my new brother and sisters. My true personality came out and Dad knew Mellow really would not have worked. You see I am a very curious kitty. I like to go in the kitchen and open all the drawers. I tend to throw all the towels and dish clothes on the floor and every once in a while I do the same thing in Dad's bureau drawers. I also like to climb as high as I can get. One day Dad was taking a shower after work when he noticed a shadow in the room. He looked up to find me walking across the top of the shower door. I just wanted to see what he was doing. I have also set the motion detector for the alarm system off once because of my climbing. I won't do that again though. It scared me and it hurt my ears when the alarm went off.

I was two years old when Mom and Dad got me. I am four years old now. My family has changed a lot in the past 2 years. My sister Mea made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2008. Mom and Dad adopted my sister Mimu on February 14, 2009 and my sister Maui on May 31, 2009.

I will let you go for now so our typist, Mom, can work on updating you on the rest of the meezers.

Love and Purrs,

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